BF-Bushcraft Radio Se1 E4

On this episode of Barefoot Bushcraft, Wolfmaan and co-host A.D. Venture discuss the important EDC or Every Day Carry. We also turn to our listeners for their advice Also discussed is how the disappearance of Sixteen-year-old Dominic De Lagiraudais while pretending to be “Survivorman” can often paint people like Les Stroud, Wolfmaan, and Cody Lundin […]

When Bushcraft People Get Together

When Bushcraft people get together, there is always a day of work, fun, and ingenuity that only other outdoorsy people can comprehend. With a loud rumble, Eds van pulled into my long, country driveway. The vehicle stopped about ½ way up my driveway and shuddered to a halt. Directly across the vehicle was my firepit. […]

Bruce Trail Thru-Hike comes to a close

WEEK 8 Trip Report July 22, 2009 Bruce Trail Expedition 2009 Wolfmaan’s Final Week as a thru hike on the Bruce Trail As the final week in July, Wolfmaan made slow progress on the Bruce Trail, and his trek has now come to a close as a thru-hike. “My goal of doing this hike was […]

ITTV Show Interview

Wolfmaan, Canada’s up and coming Adventurer, Travel Video, Producer and Travel Writer shares his story about where his passion for educating the public about the multitude of majestic natural places in their own back yard began. Wolf walked the 1000 km Bruce Trail barefoot and during this journey discovered what I believe many of us […]