BF-Bushcraft Radio Se1 E4

On this episode of Barefoot Bushcraft, Wolfmaan and co-host A.D. Venture discuss the important EDC or Every Day Carry. We also turn to our listeners for their advice Also discussed is how the disappearance of Sixteen-year-old Dominic De Lagiraudais while pretending to be “Survivorman” can often paint people like Les Stroud, Wolfmaan, and Cody Lundin […]


This story is not for the feint of heart. I have waited for years to publish this story, pending copyrights and frankly, because of the number of times I’ve been asked why so many sailors wear toe rings, I thought it was now time to tell the story as it was written to us. “TALE […]

Nature Deficit Disorder

Nature Deficit Disorder For almost a million years, humans have inhabited the planet in one form or another. In humanities youth, maintaining a deep connection with the world which surrounded us was the key to our survival. From the youngest age, early humans were taught to respect nature, to honour the birds, and steer clear […]

Rising Appalachia Snow Music Tour

Rising Appalachia Snow Music Tour Wolfmaan was first introduced to the unique sound of Rising Appalachia through some of the various posts on Facebook in the earthy, hippie, community. From the American South comes two amazing female artists, who bring hope for the future along with the promise of keeping the past alive. Rising Appalachia […]