BF-Bushcraft Radio Show S2 E28

Episode 28 Season 2 – Barefoot Bushcraft Radio Show Saturday, February 21st, 2015 In this episode of the Barefoot Bushcraft Radio Show we discuss: – Winter – The perfect time to go camping – New Booking System at Barefoot Bushcraft – 10 things to have in a 72 Hour Survival Kit – Special Guest: Leather Care […]

Trillium Railroad Bridge – Dain City (Dive 122)

Monday, October 08 – 2007 13:10 – 14:30 Dive Number 122 Start: 13:00 Roads: Dry / clear Visibility: 24km Temp: +20C Water Temp: +10C Area: Trillian Railroad Bridge – Dain City, Ontario Vehicle: Black Sunfire Weather: Sunny and Clear Visibility: 6m Divers: Wolf, Chuck Dive Wench(es): Tori, Rob Maximum Depth: 10m Plan: Exploration Bridges are […]

Borer’s Falls Hike

Sunday, January 27 – 2008 13:00 – 16:35 Start: 13:10 Roads: Dry / Clear Visibility: 24km Temp: +1C Area: Borer’s Falls Vehicle: Black Sunfire Weather: Overcast, Cold, No Wind Trail Conditions: Snow Covered Hikers: Tori, Wolf, Chuck, Merlin, Morgana Plan: Hike to the waterfall GPS: 43.29347 x -79.93674 13:00 Arrive in Hamilton as we originally […]

Yule Bruce Trail Hike, 2006

Thursday, December 21 – 2006 08:00 – 11:40 Roads: Dry / Clear Visibility: 20km Temp: +16C Area: Niagara Vehicle: Suburban REBMA Weather: Partly Cloudy Trail Conditions: Dry with some mud Hikers: Tori, Wolf, Lupis, Merlin Morgana Plan: Hike wood-end part of bruce trail on Yule. 08:00 Parking by the road, we could see part of […]